Let Me Get This Queer: Russian Infant Yoga Trend

Hippies in San Francisco must be so jealous that The Russians beat them to this! Check out a Russian woman torturing teaching her baby some yoga poses.

Ummm.. What the F*ck!?! On a postive note, the woman did give the baby a bottle of wheat grass juice after the abuse yoga was complete.

What do you think?

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LMGTQ Campaign: Dick Clark To Host SNL

This is a stroke of genius. After doing such a phenomal job hosting his annual Rocking New Years Eve Bash, I think the only logical next step is to start this campaign:

Dick Clark to Host SNL!

Sorry the clip is shitty, but file it under Inspiration. Nothing makes people feel more like celebrating the passage of time quite like a stroke victim reminding us all of the joys of aging. ABC didn’t have any clips of Dick’s previous New Years appearances to use? It would have been a nice tribute. Instead, they thought it would be better to let him stuff his colostomy bag in his elastic waistband and slur his way into 2011!?

Fine, ABC, you think he’s TV ready!? Then let’s do this! Ladies and gentlemen, spread the word, the campaign stars here:


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Let Me Get This Queer: Sarah Palin Announces Her Running Mate

I have to tip my hat to you, TLC, because I no longer fear Hell.

In case you missed the insanity that was TLC’s Sunday night programming, let me bring you up to speed. For the reality show, Sarah Palin’s Alaska, Sarah and her retard crew decided that it would be a great family-bonding moment to take Kate Gosselin and her little monsters, errr.. brats, errrr… kids camping. Check out this clip below to see Sarah Palin teach Kate Gosselin how to fire a rifle.

Dear TLC, you have set the Apocalypse in motion, now I’m going to have to stock up on bottled water.  This kind of programming is dangerous; this is not Oprah and Gayle on a camping trip, this is a delusional, ignorant, political hopeful who is systematically convincing idiot America into thinking that she is qualified to hold a political office. And now, pairing with Kate Gosselin: what is this, some kind of Asshole Alliance? Kate Gosselin is a money-grubbing, media whore who would swallow a hot dog with her vag if it got her some press. These women are filthy and we should not trick confused Americans into thinking that they are role models.

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Let Me Get This Queer: Hope Does Float

I’m so glad that people in Kentucky now have the internet because this is truly remarkable.

Let me introduce to you this woman, who goes by the name “MoviesandGhosties,” who has lived in silence for years. Now, thanks to Al Gore and the interweb, she finally has the opportunity to share her thoughts with the world. This woman refuses to let her obesity, SuperCuts Hairdo, or limited sweatpants wardrobe interfere with her passion.

In February of 2010, a star was born:

Just so we’re all queer, Hope Floats came out in 1998.

And in case you missed Practical Magic, Crocodile Dundee II, Don Juan De Marco, or Interview With The Vampire, she’s got you covered. You’ve got to check out her youtube channel, she literally goes through and reviews all of the old VHS’s she has in her attic. And she just loves Mae Whitman.

Who told this woman that this was a good idea?

I bet these videos kill at her Bisquick Casserole Club meetings.

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Let Me Get This Queer: Skating with A$$holes!

In case you didn’t get enough of has-been, no-name hacks acting like assholes on the dancefloor with Dancing The Stars, tune into ABC on Monday nights to see similar assholes act like assholes on an ice rink for the new show, Skating With The Stars.

Thanks, ABC, just what I always wanted: to see Vince Neal in a pair of ice-skates doing a routine to Lady Gaga. Fate sure is cruel, Tommy Lee gets revered for having a huge cock and F’ing Pamela Anderson, and Vince Neal has to do this crap.

And I’m so glad that Dick Button could get someone to cover his shift at Home Depot so he could sit in on the Judges Panel. This was the best casting ABC could do!?

And why does the host have to have to a British Accent? Does ABC really think that adding a British accent somehow makes this seem credible? Um…who is this Vernon guy anyway?

Don’t even get me started on Bethany Frankel! How can she do this and still breastfeed? If she falls, she must splash milk all over the ice.

Dear America, what is your fascination with this crap?  What’s next, Bike Riding With The Stars? Zookeeping With The Stars?

Is this really necessary?

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Let Me Get This Queer: Nice Try Helen

Because Blind people need to masturbate too, there is an artist who has created:  Nude Photos For The Blind

And then this happened:

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Let Me Get This Queer: Look At This Hole!

Ever wonder what would happen if Kirstie Alley fell off of a second story balcony? Or if Rosie O’Donnel tripped down a flight of stairs?

Well, scientists at Purdue University have recently developed a program to simulate what would happen if a meteor collided with the earth.

See for yourself: Impact Earth

For best calculations, Kirstie has a density of 3000 kg/m^3.

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