Let Me Get This Queer: Japanese Government Approves Anorexia!

In a Nationwide movement to combat obesity, the Japanese government has issued a strict warning to overweight citizens by instituting a law requiring that “all local governments must now measure the waistlines of Japanese people…” and set a “state-prescribed limit for male waistlines [at] a strict 33.5 inches.”

Just so we’re all clear, the average American male waist size is a 39 –  6 inches above this Japanese mandate for obesity.

Here’s the Link to the article: Link: New York Times, Don\’t Call Me Shamu

The article goes on to say that those citizens deemed fat would be have their records stamped with the word “metabo” – meaning husky sumo hippo shit – and that companies would be heavily fined for their overweight employees. There are also media campaigns geared toward likening being overweight to being a smoker.

Got to give credit to Japan for being proactive when it comes to obesity. According to The NY Times,  Americans spends 2.4 trillion dollars on health care, a number highly inflated due to illnesses related to obesity.  I guess a little incentive is not so bad.

Although,  Japan, let’s just make sure as part of your laws no one ever has to go to “Fat Camps.”

What do you think about Japan’s obesity regulations?


About Let Me Get This Queer

I find myself confused by the retardation that plagues peoples' logic. I don't get people who are closed minded, don't have a sense of humor, or find themselves confined by political correctness. I am using this site to create a space for people to share their thoughts, flex their moral compass, and challenge the world to be a better place. A lofty goal, I know. But someday when sanity returns to control and disgusting, entitled people receive the fundamental kharma that is due, we will all rejoice.
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