Let Me Get This Queer: Virginia Philips Makes History!

Federal Judge, Virginia Phillips, ordered the military  to immediately stop enforcing its ban on openly gay troops, bringing the 17-year “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy closer than it has ever been to being abolished.

Finally a step in the right direction!  The fact this issue has played like a game of hot potato in Washington is disgusting. Even though there seems to be the common opinion to overturn this policy, it seems that no one wants to be responsible for making the ultimate decision. Thank you Virginia Philips for having the sense to stand up for what is right, and the authority to make history.

There is NO SHAME in standing up for civil rights. There is NO DISGRACE in believing that all humans are created equal.  

When we look back at history, it is the brave men and women who have challenged injustice that are remembered; not those who have cowered in fear.

Challenge yourself to stand up for what you believe. Together we can make this world a better place, not just for LGBT individuals, but for all those who have been oppressed! Don’t let anyone make you feel anything less than a hero!


About Let Me Get This Queer

I find myself confused by the retardation that plagues peoples' logic. I don't get people who are closed minded, don't have a sense of humor, or find themselves confined by political correctness. I am using this site to create a space for people to share their thoughts, flex their moral compass, and challenge the world to be a better place. A lofty goal, I know. But someday when sanity returns to control and disgusting, entitled people receive the fundamental kharma that is due, we will all rejoice.
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One Response to Let Me Get This Queer: Virginia Philips Makes History!

  1. kAT says:

    I’m so glad you blogged about this. Here’s my question/issue with it. If Dont Ask Dont tell is officially off the books until the government appeals in the next 60 days, why doesnt everyone in the military just start asking and telling all over the place. Once the proverbial cat is out of the bag… They cant shove it back in, and they can not discharge all the homosexuals because they were within the law of the land at that moment in time. So, in effect it nullifies the whole “issue” and shows it for what it is… just a gay man behind a curtain. Nothing really will happen. No fireworks, no ball dropping in times square. It doesn’t actually matter… hence, the no-ceremonious change over in policy is just the perfect solution.

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