Let Me Get This Queer: Sarah Palin Announces Her Running Mate

I have to tip my hat to you, TLC, because I no longer fear Hell.

In case you missed the insanity that was TLC’s Sunday night programming, let me bring you up to speed. For the reality show, Sarah Palin’s Alaska, Sarah and her retard crew decided that it would be a great family-bonding moment to take Kate Gosselin and her little monsters, errr.. brats, errrr… kids camping. Check out this clip below to see Sarah Palin teach Kate Gosselin how to fire a rifle.

Dear TLC, you have set the Apocalypse in motion, now I’m going to have to stock up on bottled water.  This kind of programming is dangerous; this is not Oprah and Gayle on a camping trip, this is a delusional, ignorant, political hopeful who is systematically convincing idiot America into thinking that she is qualified to hold a political office. And now, pairing with Kate Gosselin: what is this, some kind of Asshole Alliance? Kate Gosselin is a money-grubbing, media whore who would swallow a hot dog with her vag if it got her some press. These women are filthy and we should not trick confused Americans into thinking that they are role models.


About Let Me Get This Queer

I find myself confused by the retardation that plagues peoples' logic. I don't get people who are closed minded, don't have a sense of humor, or find themselves confined by political correctness. I am using this site to create a space for people to share their thoughts, flex their moral compass, and challenge the world to be a better place. A lofty goal, I know. But someday when sanity returns to control and disgusting, entitled people receive the fundamental kharma that is due, we will all rejoice.
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