Let Me Get This Queer: Russian Infant Yoga Trend

Hippies in San Francisco must be so jealous that The Russians beat them to this! Check out a Russian woman torturing teaching her baby some yoga poses.

Ummm.. What the F*ck!?! On a postive note, the woman did give the baby a bottle of wheat grass juice after the abuse yoga was complete.

What do you think?


About Let Me Get This Queer

I find myself confused by the retardation that plagues peoples' logic. I don't get people who are closed minded, don't have a sense of humor, or find themselves confined by political correctness. I am using this site to create a space for people to share their thoughts, flex their moral compass, and challenge the world to be a better place. A lofty goal, I know. But someday when sanity returns to control and disgusting, entitled people receive the fundamental kharma that is due, we will all rejoice.
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One Response to Let Me Get This Queer: Russian Infant Yoga Trend

  1. Ashley says:

    Oh MY GOD! The video isn’t loading all the way, but I don’t need to see any more. That is f*@ked up. What she must not realize is that babies don’t need to clear their minds stretch and breath the stress out of their bodies like adults do. They are naturally clear and flexible. What the hell?

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