Let Me Get This MUSIC: Doncamatic (ALL PLAYED OUT)

When that BELL doesn’t ring,  you just have to let go

Let it find a new song, and set yourself free

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Let Me Get This Queer: Canada Gets Fisted

Dear Canada,

We’ve been friends for such a long time. I love Montreal, I hear great things about Toronto, and the list of contributions that you’ve made to the world of entertainment is outstanding; just look at all the entertainers that you’ve generated: Alanis Morissette, Celine Dion, Avril Levine, Nelly Furtado, Nickelback, Dan Aykroyd, John Candy, Jim Carrey, Michael J. Fox, Tom Green, Norm MacDonald,, Howie Mandel, Lorne Michaels, Rick Moranis, Mike Myers, Leslie Nielsen, Martin Short.

After all the songs, all the laughs, we, in America, have never really said thank you. And I think it’s about time. But, what? What can we in America really do to express our gratitude? What could we give you that could represent the best that America has to offer? What gift embodies the most profound of minds, the most gentle of hearts, and the most sincere of spirits?

Then it hit me. Nothing says thank you quite like this:

So there you have it, Canada, you get your own version of The Jersey Shore. May it bring as many wonderful contributions to your country as it has to ours!

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Let Me Get This Queer: Don’t Be The Last One On Your Street To Have One!

The Japanese have thought of everything!

Just in time for the Holidays. A Let Me Get This Queer exclusive, the new, must have toy of the season!

Run, don’t walk to your local retailer! Shave my baby provides hours of fun and excitement. Razors not included.

PS – why does this baby have pubic hair?

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Let Me Get This Queer: God, I Miss Bush

While President Barak Obama feels humbled by what happened in the mid-term elections, former President George W. Bush  taped an interview with Matt Lauer for a Primetime special to air on Nov. 8th to promote his upcoming book, Decision Points.

In his interview, Bush says that when Kanye West Called him a racist, it was the single lowest point of his presidency. The report says:

“hearing West say those words [when Kanye West called him a racist] during a Hurricane Katrina benefit telethon was a disgusting moment.’ He recalled telling his wife at the time that West’s comments were in fact the single worst moment of his presidency.”

Let’s face it, he had a lot of awful moments in his presidency, I guess it’s nice to finally know the single worst. I’m sure anyone who suffered during 911, who died in Iraq, or who lost their home after the economy crashed will be glad to know that Kanye West really made Georgie-poo feel low. Talk about perspective. Hey George W. Bush, somehow Taylor Swift got over it. I’m glad to know that of ALL the things that happened in the 8 years that you ran this country into the ground, the rantings of an egomaniacal pop-star really get the best of you.

This cannot happen, America. We can no longer be tricked into thinking the Emporer has clothing. We can no longer allow lunacy to author scripture.

Our country needs some help right now. Shit is out of control. How could George Bush say that? That is insanity. Kanye West, really? How insulting to everyone of this country’s citizens who is struggling right now, and to our youth, who are dumber and fatter than ever. The only way that this country will get any better is if we, the people, make better decisions for ourselves in the leaders that we choose and challenge ourselves, and all of those around us, to become educated and stop pretending to be victims. Barak Obama inherited a lot of problems, let’s not forget that. It’s up to all of us now.

In other news, President Clinton has Lil’ Wayne’s back.

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Damn Straight: The Straight Man’s Guide to Voting This Election

We all know that it is ESSENTIAL to cast your ballot in Tuesday’s election! But, if you’re anything like me, knowing who and what to vote for can be overwhelming. Let’s be honest, this isn’t American Idol.

So to help everyone out this year, our correspondent, “Matt” – The Straight Guy, is here to point you in the right direction (and trust me, he knows what he’s talking about)!

He writes:

I’m mostly in agreement with the LA TIMES Endorsements, with a few caveats:

Lieutenant Governor: Hated by Republicans for being too moderate and Democrats for being a Republican, Abel Maldonado is an interesting candidate, and I cast my ballot for him.  I’m pretty sure he’s going to lose, but he’s a centrist, a nice guy, and Gavin Newsom makes me feel icky.  He’s too slick, and he and his wife are too creepy for me. 

Proposition 19:  The LA Times is right.  Proposition 19 is ill-conceived, poorly written, and probably will spend the next decade in court.  That being said, Legalize It!

Governor:  Jerry Brown over Meg Whitman, easily.  As a newcomer to California, I wasn’t really excited about Jerry Brown…until I saw him debate.  He’s going to be a cranky old man.  He’s got the know-how to get things done, and  he’s old enough that this is going to be his last political gig.  He’s going to say and do whatever he thinks is right for California, with no future races in mind.  Meg Whitman is bland and wrong about too much. 


Senate:  Barbara Boxer is one of the dumbest people elected to the Senate.  I voted for her opponent, Mickey Kaus, in the Democratic primary because she is such an incredibly ineffective idiot.  California would do well to have pretty much anyone else step in and replace her.  And I say “pretty much” anyone, because Carly Fiorina sucks worse than Boxer does.  She’s rude, she’s wrong, and she’s Republican.  I grudgingly recommend Barbara Boxer, although in the same way I would recommend slamming your penis in a closet door over a car door, because both options suck, but the closet door will likely do less damage. 


Attorney General:  Steve Cooley is a decent guy.  He’s conservative, yes.  But he’s an effective leader and manager, and that’s 99% of what an Attorney General needs to be.  He has the potential to continue leading the AG’s office in a professional and effective manner.  I’m not much for Republicans, but Cooley gets my vote, not because Kamala Harris is bad, but because Steve Cooley is better. 


Props 20 and 27:  Make sure you vote YES on 20 and NO on 27.  Democrats hate proposition 20 because it means that a non-partisan commission will get to draw congressional seat boundaries, and it’s likely that this means they’ll lose a few seats.  Non-partisan redistricting is always right, not just when you’re in the minority.  Proposition 27 was put on the ballot by Democratic leaders to undo the non-partisan commission.  It’ll put the power to draw districts back in the hands of politicians, so vote NO.


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Let Me Get This Queer: GLEE Gets Detention

A recent GQ photoshoot featuring the cast of GLEE has attracted a lot of controversy. The spread features the cast members posing provacatively in school-girl outfits in school settings.

National media platforms have weighed in with negative points of view, and The Parents Television Council released this statment: “It is disturbing that GQ, which is explicitly written for adult men, is sexualizing the actresses who play high school-aged characters on Glee in this way. It borders on pedophilia.

Diana Agron, who plays Quinn, responded to the critcism on her blog: “If you are hurt or these photos make you uncomfortable, it was never our intention.”

Ok. Here’s the deal. These photos were taken for a high-fashion men’s magazine, not for Sesame Street. We are consistently seeing photos in this magazine that are far racier than these photos. It’s outrgeous to think these photos need to be censored because these actors appear in a mainstream primetime show. Jennifer Anniston – America’s sweetheart – has appeared naked on the cover of this magazine and no one said a peep. Does this photo look familiar?

Why the controversy now? Is it because these actors play highschool students?

Just so we’re clear, the actors in the photos are are not highschool students, they are adults – Diana Agron and Lea Michelle are both 24 years old; Corey Montieth is 28. And just so we’re even clearer, this show – which all the sudden has been made out to be this innocent family friendly show – is not Full House. Glee has been featuring adult themed story lines from the beginning. Let’s not forget that the innocent cheerleader, Quinn, is an un-wed teenager who had a baby.

The truth is: these photos are a sensationalized depiction of the school-girl fantasy. This school-girl fantasy is not new. These photos are harmless. If you are an outraged parent, then talk to your kids about what’s appropriate and inappropriate, and explain to them that these kinds of photos are make believe.

If nothing else, I think these photos encourage people not to drop out of school. They certainly make school seem exciting. I think Barak Obama should use them in his “Stay In School” Campaign.

What do you think?

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Let Me Get This Queer: The Best Dating Advice You’ll Ever Get

When was the last time you got dating advice from a girl with a little touch of Downs? Meet Katherine, she wrote the book, The Single Girl’s Guide to Meeting European Men…

Ummm….WTF? I didn’t think this was real so I had to check it out myself. Turns out that in addition to being an accomplished film maker, she is indeed published – by a real publisher!  The book is 272 pages – most of which I assume are written in crayon. I couldn’t find an excerpt, but the book’s website promises:

”Filled with sexy and real-life stories from each country, The Single Girl’s Guide will appeal to women who are looking to make their time in Europe an exciting, man-filled adventure.”

Just so we’re clear, I don’t believe that this girl has spent ANY time in Europe. I’d be surprised if she’s ever left The San Fernando Valley.

I think she’d be more successful if she offered tips on how to date a prison inmate. I think those men are more her speed.

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